Wordsworth Word Cloud Inspired Poem

Remember that word cloud that Dr. Pandora handed out? Well, I’m ┬ánot sure if any of you wrote a poem (except one fellow student), but I encourage you to post it here if you did. Hope you enjoy what I’ve written.



Meadow breath hanging

over verdant ground’s belly,

in valley collapsing, slow,

with mood of ease,

lonely in its droop.


A pace, a bounty,

a motion of utter drift,

solitary in this motion,

feeding the starved scene,

quietly letting all that can be

become grand, become river.


Intent on standing, breath builds

cottage. A sincere testament to

tranquility, it hardens, canopy of

living green creasing, bleeding into



All that speaks doth require


That breath is of the meadow, that

body of solemnity; that effigy of

sun-purpose, that statuary taking any

shape it can, adapting to all stimuli, wilting when needed.

One thought on “Wordsworth Word Cloud Inspired Poem”

  1. Intent pace, river feeding quietly
    Open meadow, cottage standing solitary
    Motion among distress, utterly lonely
    Doth mood help ground tranquility

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