hello, group 3! let’s get started, shall we?

This is one of the three online workspaces we’ll have for our digital humanities intro class: we’ll have one at the individual level, the group level, and the course level.

  • The individual level is the domain you’ll set up for yourself via create.ou.edu (or you will use a domain you already own). The domain will have a subdomain that we will have each of you set aside as an individual course portfolio, a kind of scrapbook of your work in the class — we’ll have further instructions on this going forward.
  • The group blogs will be a place for ongoing reflections we ask you to develop, interesting links you find, and any other relevant comments or questions you’d like to share. Because each group blog is a subsection of the class, we hope that you’ll find the number of contributors is large enough that you get a good sense of a variety of ways to approach the course materials, while not being so large a number that it is burdensome to visit consistently and check in. You can also subscribe to the rss feed and have the posts delivered to you.
  • The course blog lets us put the course materials up on the open web, where others can find them — which makes them potentially useful in a way that keeping them under wraps in d2l does not. It will also serve as a site for aggregating all the posts from all the group blogs so that we have a 10,000 foot overview of your ideas and questions — the rss feeds from each of the group blogs will allow us to have the posts show up here. And this is also a place for the instructors to post ideas, questions, links, and reflections as well as we move through the semester.
  • Stay tuned for your first posting assignment!

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